You Know You’re a Nerd When…

you consider going to the library one of the most exciting things that’s happened to you since moving to England. But don’t judge too quickly because this isn’t just any library; it’s the Bodleian Library in the heart of Oxford. 

More commonly known for its cameos in the Harry Potter films, this library is an equivalent to the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., meaning it’s a copyright library, so any book or journal or newspaper or magazine printed in the UK must send a copy to the Bodleian, so there are millions of books and major space issues, so there are miles of them underground, so it takes about three hours before you can get a book you ask for, so you can’t remove any of them from the library, so blah blah blah I could go on, but I’ll spare you.

Today I read a book there printed in 1885! And then I accidently made a little mark on the corner of a page with my pen… Fortunately, the Bodleian gods did not smite me as expected, and I just turned the page, pretending nothing had happened. 

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