They’re Just Little Things

I have small goals I’ve secretly set for myself. Secretly, meaning, until now, I haven’t written them down or told too many people about them. They’re more set in order to keep me going when life gets monotonous; they’re just little things. Like…

putting the exact right amount of creamer in my coffee the first time around (no need to taste test)
having exact change and being bold enough to stand at the counter until I count it because I know I have it, even if that means the person behind me in line begins to tap his foot
remembering a particular person’s name
fitting everything I need for a three-week trek around Europe in one small backpack (I’ve actually already achieved this but hope to do it for all long trips from now on)
using as few dishes as possible when preparing a meal – faster clean-up
Some loftier and more recent ones include…
having my own “The Way I See It” published on a Starbucks to-go cup
dismounting and remounting my bike while it’s moving
making a statement about my faith and what I believe in without worrying what someone else will think
As I am living in this other world (and it really feels like that at times. In fact, a guy I was talking to the other day compared a year studying in Oxford to living in Narnia. I couldn’t agree more: time moves differently here and everything is a bit enchanting) my goals – daily and lifelong – are being affected.
So now tell me about yours! It helps to write them down because it motivates you to accomplish them πŸ™‚

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