For Your Viewing Pleasure…

So I’m lame and can’t exactly figure out how to make my text fit around my photos like I want it to, but below are a select few of the pictures I took of the Week of Snow in Oxford and my trip to visit the lovely Amy Jo Couchman in her current residence: Barbastro, Spain, aka Middle of Nowhere Yet Beautiful, Spain. 

Why the wine bottle? 
Well neither Tess (one of my new housemates) nor I were very skilled snowman makers, and we decided he looked like he had had a few because of how lopsided we made him. We built him in our backyard (garden, in England talk) and the other picture is my new house on Donnington Bridge Road, all covered in snow! The snow has come and gone, but the scarf, sticks, carrot, coals and, yes, wine bottle remain in the garden as a tribute to our short-lived drunken snowman. RIP.
The other pictures were taken in three Spanish cities: Barbastro, Monzon and Zaragoza. You know those pictures of people “holding up” the Eiffel Tower or “leaning” on the Tower of Pisa? Well, because Monzon was lacking such significant monuments to “hold up” and “lean on” we decided to take those kind of pictures with everyday things, like signs at the bus station. 
Can I just declare on this blog how impressed I am with my friend for moving to Spain by herself and getting a job and making friends and finding her away around a new city (not to mention country) ALL IN A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE? Amy, you are my hero, and I’m so glad I have a frame of reference for all of your future “when-I-was-in-Spain” tales.

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