The Passenger Seat: A Father’s Day Post

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The above slideshow depicts various pictures from a recent trip my dad and younger sister, Sara, made to visit me (and James Taylor and Carole King) in Nashville. That week with my dad made me feel so adult: I chose the restaurants and activities, made reservations and suggested faster routes, I hosted for a few days and then dropped them off at the airport. But somehow despite the fact I’m 23 years old, have a job and an apartment, bills to pay, groceries to buy, a gym membership I try to make use of, whenever my dad comes to town, I am just his daughter again. This adult life I now lead relaxes. I stop worrying, hand the car keys over and while I may give directions, I ride in the passenger seat.

I take for granted this trust I have in my father. The comfort and safety he brings with a visit or even a phone call. I’m not sure about many things in my life right now–the twenty-somethings is a strange place to be–but how thankful I am to have a father who I never have to question will be a steady presence in my life.

In twenty years I may be in yet another state, settled into a career or a family, but when my dad comes to visit, I have no doubt I’ll hand him my car keys.


13 thoughts on “The Passenger Seat: A Father’s Day Post

  1. Thank you – that is a beautiful post! What a great father-model you have your Heavenly Father! I’m at a different stage of life – mid thirties and it is quite a bit harder to always hand the proverbial keys to your husband but if you find a man like your father, you should have no trouble. Just keep praying for him and the heart to respect him as much as he will love you!


  2. Great write-up!! You reminded me of how much more we can Trust our Heavenly Father….Am handing over my “life’s Keys” to Him Once again…


  3. You are so blessed! My father is a gay agnostic, dislikes Christians and is bipolar. When I became a Christian, he nearly wrote me off; when my husband became a minister, he came dangerously close to ending the father-daughter relationship. I’ll be seeing him for the first time in ten years in a couple of weeks. Most of his “gay” friends have left him now that he has physical problems. I hope to be able to show him the love of Christ. Please pray!
    P.S. I was in a writing class with you at ACU a few years ago, and it is great to see you using your ability to write!


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