Scenes from Alaska

As my last series of posts has come to an end, I no longer have an excuse to drown myself in nostalgia as I write the occassional blog post. I do, however, still get to bombard you with pictures from one of my favorite activities in the world: Family Vacation.

So here’s to a wonderful week this past July spent aboard a large ship on the icy waters of the Pacific, along the breathtaking northwestern coast of our country (and a small bit of Canada).

The Alaskan cruise really outdid itself:

My mom and me thrilled to have completed our pilgrimage to mecca
My sister Jenna and my dad turning my way just long enough for a picture. We stared at the glacier you see in the background for hours that day.
Yep, glaciers really are that blue. If only I could remember the scientific reasoning explained to us by the park ranger that day I would enlighten all of you as to why...
Sitka, Alaska, the city that has so much more to offer than its claim to fame: where the movie The Proposal takes place. It's a truly charming city.
We're in the middle of the water, standing on a plane. I'm trying really hard to act "cool" in this picture but on the inside I was FREAKING OUT.
Surprisingly our favorite stop of the week: Victoria, Canada. It reminded me a little of Oxford. Ok, ok, it reminded me a lot of Oxford.

I have a new mission. Now that I’ve spent some time outside of the 50 States, I’d like to spend some time exploring inside the 50 States. Starting with Alaska sets a high bar, but I have faith in the good ole US of A. Now I just need a few more frequent flyer miles.

4 thoughts on “Scenes from Alaska

  1. Gorgeous photos. And yay for more travel posts from you! (Though I think the occasional bit of Oxford nostalgia wouldn’t go amiss…)


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