25,000 for 25 Years

I would like to pose a challenge to you: In the next week, use five minutes you would typically spend on facebook, twitter, gmail, or other completely worthy time-sucks, and visit this site http://www.maxlucado.com/worldvision/

You may brush over it, decide you’re not interested and move on.

You may be intrigued enough to do a little clicking around.

You may be so struck that you make a decision that will not only change your life, but someone else’s.

I am so proud of my dad and the work he has accomplished over the past 25 years. In fact, it’s difficult for me to wrap my head around all he’s done in that time–I don’t think I’ll ever be able to. But I can grasp this: he has not made this anniversary about him; he has made it about empowering people like you and me to toss the stone, that will make the ripple, that will create the wave that will result in the monsoon of good to be spread around the world.

Five minutes. One click. I dare you.

2 thoughts on “25,000 for 25 Years

  1. Max’s website is great! Liz and I admire what you all are doing for kids around the world. We support several students in the USA and Mexico, and we signed up for a World Vision girl when we saw you in Nashville. Mimi, the little girl your parents support, is a darling. Are you supporting anybody? Isn’t it a great blessing?


    1. Hi Casey! So glad to hear y’all are supporting. I’m going to sign up for a child through WV soon and my small group at church probably is too. I sponsored one for forever through Compassion but now I’m a grown-up and can sponsor one on my own 🙂


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