I Fell Asleep

in the heat of an afternoon south Texas sun, on the balcony of my parents’ house, reclined on a patio chair. I was sitting in the same place I’ve retreated to for years. It’s my place to figure things out. Do you have one of those? When your thoughts won’t quit or you have a big decision to make–do you find your feet instinctively walking toward that one spot? I do. But I can only go there when I’m in my hometown. I would not recommend this. Pick a spot (if you don’t already have one) generic enough to exist in more than one place. It feels almost cumbersome to have to wait on a trip home to process life.

Because I’m home for a few days, I must take advantage of my spot being mere feet away at most given times. Which is why I found myself there on an afternoon during the time the sun begins to give its all for the day. My Vitamin D-deprived skin soaked it up and remembered what summer feels like. And as it soaked it up, my body slid farther and farther down the lounge chair until my head was on the seat and I was curled up on my side sleeping. I don’t typically do this taking a nap thing. But something in that time of day, or the vitamins my skin was rejoicing in, or the sound of practically nothing did not allow me to process. I didn’t think about much of anything and instead felt myself do that weird twitch-half-asleep-half-awake thing.

I had big plans for my afternoon on the balcony, and they were completely interrupted by a nap. How rude. Or how perfect.

3 thoughts on “I Fell Asleep

  1. so glad you were on my balcony. so glad you are in this house right now. what joy! such gratitude! happy happy christmas to me:)


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